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光 痩せたい

Made two smoothies for my breakfast. Since I didn't have almond milk, I used regular milk. No protein powders for me. I love avocados so they are a must. All these ingredients I had in home. Next time, I'm thinking of adding other frozen fruits which can easily be purchased at a convenient store, ie. mango, strawberries. As for adding nuts, I'm not sure. Maybe I'd like to add raw almond butter or even some peanut butter. Ipo asked me if I wanted to add in CBD oil plus 500 円。僕の 答えは たか。。。要らない。 =)

Smoothie #1 Smoothie #2

Banana Acai

Milk Blueberries

vanilla extract Avocado

oat meal (1) egg



Aloha pumehana,


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