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Garbanzo Curry

Returned home from the supermarket and cooked our dinner: garbanzo curry (vegetable); and amai ebi sashimi. Started the nikomi (naau soup) we will eat it tomorrow. I froze the shrimp shells from the amai ebi. I hope to make tom yum Thai soup with the shrimp shells sometime this week. For tom yum soup, I will use lemongrass I have in my freezer. I will have to use the uni tomorrow. Looking forward to some uni pasta.

Eating at home is really the best thing for me. I think often about how much sugar and salt I'm consuming. When I cook at home limiting sugar and salt is easy to control. As for sugar, I almost never use sugar in my cooking except for tonight since my curry needed it because of the tartness from the tomato sauce. By the way, the curry is my own blend of spices:garam masala, cumin, garlic powder, white pepper, salt and paprika. After stir frying your vegetables, add some flour with these spices and warm them up. After heating the spices up with the flour, then you can add in some water, canned tomato and little sugar.

Live to eat!

Aloha Hikari

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