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Napa Cabbage

I received a huge Napa cabbage a few days ago from Suzuki san, our meat butcher. The buggah was monstah 大. Thought about several ways to cook it As we didn’t want to waste this vegetable. I made two things from it: 1) stir fry with thinly cut pork, oyster sauce and whatever else I could find in my refrigerator; and 2) Chinese chicken salad. I love Chinese chicken salad and if you don’t love Chinese chicken salad I’m going to help you fall in love with it too.

Chinese Chicken salad dressing

(do you really need measurements?)

Not too much of this and not too much of that. Adjust it as you like.




regular oil (I use grape seed oil)

sesame oil


grated ginger

vinegar (optional)

chop up some Napa cabbage (白菜)

toss cabbage with dressing

then add in lots of Chinese parsley


*Shredded chicken breast tossed in this salad is also very delicious.

make this salad as soon as possible. Eat and live well my family and friends.

Aloha…Bengals Titans football starts at 6:00 AM Japan time. I was up 3:30. Oh no, oh no, oh no…(I kind of like these oh no TikTok videos).


*sorry no chicken salad or huge cabbage pictures. Both were vaporized by me and the ohana.

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