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Pizza naan

Next time you go and eat Indian food, take home the naan. Often people and sometimes me too I don't like carbohydrates. I'm the dude saying, I don't want carbs; I don't want gluten. FYI carbs and gluten doesn't bother me, my favorite food is pasta.

Anyway, you are already paying for the curry and it comes with Naan. Take the naan home. It's good as money!

I listened to my own advice and brought my naan home. I always wanted to make pizza naan. What is pizza's key ingredients? Tomato paste, oregano, cheese and some meat. no pepperoni! No worries use ham. Boom! Pizza naan keia. What does it taste like Hikari? Pizza naan da yo! Gourmet at it's finest.

Aloha Hikari



私は自分のアドバイスに耳を傾け、ナンを家に持ち帰りました。私はいつもピザナンを作りたかった。ピザの主な材料は何ですか?トマトペースト、オレガノ、チーズ、そしていくつかの肉。ペパロニはありません!ハムを使う心配はありません。ブーム!ピザナンケイア。ひかりの味は?ピザナンダヨ!最高のグルメ。 アロハ 光

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