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Hikari Costco Cesar Salad

We all love to buy and eat Costco's Caesar salad, right? Yesterday, while we were at Costco's, sadly we didn't buy the caeser salad, however, we did buy the usual rotisserie chicken. Returned home with the chicken, cubed it up, made some caesar salad dressing, and mixed it all up with some parmesan cheese.

Caesar sald dressing

My recommendation is to make it in one of those bullet blenders. Having one of these kitchen appliances is a must. No measurements for my dressing (That's how it is!) Cook by feel. If you add too much of something this time, add less next time OR you can look up some real measurements on the web.

Lea and Perrins Worcestershire sauce


Olive oil

salt, pepper

anchovy fillet (Ive been using anchovy paste from a tube)

an egg ( regular recipes calls for an egg yolk, however, I use the whole egg. I don like the idea of wasting the egg white. Just use an entire egg!)

dijon mustard

lemon juice

Lastly, here's a bonus idea for you. you know the Costco chicken plastic container. If you paint it gold, punch some hole in it for eyes, cut a slit for the mouth, you can dress up like C3PO character from Starwars. =) You are welcome.

Aloha Hikari Kawena

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