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Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Finished lei for a friend’s halau. Lei making for yourself versus lei making for others is a-little different. For someone else, I’m much more careful and thoughtful. I know from experience how important the lei is for their performance and for their desired results.

For lei making, besides just having great technique and excellent sense for arranging flowers, the lei maker should remember some things. Your work has a spiritual connection to God, mankind and earth. The flowers and leaves are living things and they too have a life force. Lei making is a metaphor for everything else you do in life. Have respect for all things. Do you work with a good heart and place good energy into it. Flowers and leaves are soft and gentle so should your thoughts and actions. All nice reflections here but in reality it’s not always easy being pono, right or Tadashi in Japanese. We are human so we fall well short from being kind all the time. Our words and action sometimes hurt people. For me knowing and accepting these shortcomings within my own self is why I try and remember two things. Have a relationship with God so you can talk with HIM and instead of asking for material things ask him for spiritual knowledge and wisdom. God help me to be more patient; more kind; more loving. The other thing is to really value the importance of hooponopono , making you self right with others, with God and with your environment. With kindness and humility, you ask for forgiveness. Sometimes this asking for forgiveness is between you and God, and sometimes it’s with others you have hurt. Haahaa, Kenson suru is powerful belief and a way of life. Simply, dont think you are bigger and better than someone else. If you think you Akamai, smart, I’m sure you are BUT there are many people much smarter, wiser and knowledgeable that you and I. For example , In hula, think of the student teacher relationship. How could a student‘s accumulated hula experiences and knowledge catch up to their teacher’s? The teacher and the student hula journey started at two different points in time. The teacher’s points are naturally ahead and have been progressing forward too. I’m a kumu hula now but I’m still a haumana of my teachers still living Chinky and Kawaikapu and a haumana of my kumu hula that have passed away Makahinu and Keola.

E nihi ka hele, go slow along your life’s path.

me ke aloha


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