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January 18th, 2022

What is new? Well nothing is new. Just doing the relier everyday things: cooking, eating, practicing music and teaching hula. Earlier this month, I went to Peter Luger steak house in Ebisu, Tokyo. Peter Luger is a very famous and old steak house from New York. They feature dried aged T-bone steaks. I think they have a 2-3month waiting list so you must plan ahead and make a reservation. This month cooked two of my favorite things: lasagna and roast pork. For both of these I smoked them outdoors with Sakura wood. Later this month, on the 30th, I will have a stage in Abiko, Keyaki Plaza. I'm looking forward to playing the music for my students. And oh, I bought a new guitar. =)

Me ke aloha Hikari (Kawena)

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