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Kimchi Kuleana

Providing the kimchi cucumber for the ohana. I found out that cucumber is good for you. According to Bright Side, a video on youtube, cucumber benefits include: fiber, carbs, protein, vitamin c, vitamin k, vitamin b, potassium, manganese, iron, zinc, riboflavin, and magnesium. They also say it's a good source for hydration.

Here's a brief guide to how I make my kimchi. You will need:


red chili flakes (gochugaru)

knob of ginger (ショウガ)

garlic clove (1) (ニンニク)

sesame oil (ごま油)

course salt (kosher salt)

honey (my substitute for sugar) ハチミツ

fish sauce (ナンプラー)

green onion

1. Cucumber cut ends off. Cut cucumber into desired length and cut a cross at one end. This allows salt to get into the cucumber and then later kimchi seasoning.

2. Sprinkle course salt on your cut cucumber and weigh it down. I'm using a pot with water to weigh down the cucumber. After 10-15 minutes empty the water and mix the cucumber to try and get more of the salt around the cucumber and to extract more water. Put the weight back on and wait another 10-15 minutes.

3. I like to rinse my cucumber very well because the cucumber will absorb a lot of the salt. I like to let it soak in water also to draw out more salt.

4. Strain the cucumber. After I strain the cucumber, I like to use paper towels and dry the cucumber a little more.

Kimchi seasoning (in a bowl)

1. Grate the clove of garlic ( I don't like strong garlic kimchi so I find one clove is perfect) you might want to use less or even add more).

2. Grate the knob of ginger

3. Add in to the garlic and ginger the following: sesame oil (2-3 tabelspoons), honey (1 tablespoon), fish sauce.ナンプラー (1-2 tablespoons), Korean chili flakes (3-4 tablespoons), minced green onion. * shoyu is optional but I don't use it (salt and sugar always be careful how much you use).

4. Mix

Finally, add the kimchi seasoning and the cucumber together and mix (lomilomi). I believe you supposed to open each cucumber cross and try to stuff your seasoning into it. I dont! I did once...but I don't like my hands getting hauna (変な匂い). Oh I just remember, thinly cut carrot is another thing to add to this kimchi. then the thinly cut carrots/ seasoning will go into each cucumber cross cut opening.

I put my kimchi in a plastic container and I try to pack the cucumber tightly by pushing it down. I don't know exactly the rules for making and fermenting kimchi. After it's in my plastic container I just put it in the refrigerator. Then enjoy eating it over the next few days. I ho'owali(混ぜる) it from time to time.

Enjoy...aloha Hikari

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