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Lamb ragu

Lamb is a delicious meat to make Italian ragu sauce. Another ideal meat to use would be duck. Cooking ragu is like making any kind of stew. You first start by sweating some mirpoix (celery, onion and carrots). Next you brown some flour dusted meat. Then after the meat has some nice color on it, add in some garlic, tomato paste, whole can tomato, water, garlic powder, onion, milk, salt and pepper. If you have some fresh herbs, add them in too. I used thyme and oregano from my garden. I would have loved to use Italian parsley but my grocery didn't have any. To take your ragu to the next level, buy some dried porcini mushrooms and use a blender to make it into a powder. Add this porcini powder to your ragu sauce. The last thing I did to give the ragu sauce a nice viscosity, I mixed in some Beurre manié. Beurre manié is one of my favorite things to use to thicken up stews. It's cold butter mixed with flour. Enjoy your ragu with any kind of pasta. Today I used fettuccini.

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