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Na’auao (Insides filled with light)

Na’au is ono!

Na'au is the same na'au from this word na'auao. It is the entrails or モツ known well here in Japan.

My recommendation is to preboil the naau (モツ) with salt water and throw the water away once. This process helps to clean the naau.

My aunty Anne taught me this boiling salt water process and she also taught me the Chinese term for it. It’s called chutsoi.

After cleaning the naau I fried it with lots of garlic and onions and seasoned with salt and pepper. I added 2 tomato paste packets and added a little water. Maybe I used about 1 1/2 cups of water. Boil the naau until soft. My boiling time was 45 minutes maybe a different pot will require a longer boil. The pot I use is vitacraft.

I bought two containers of motsu at York Mart. One container was mixed motsu and the other was labeled Harami. I think the total grams for both was around 400 gm (189gm,169 gm).

Hawaiians love naau. One of our preferred dishes to eat is Tripe stew, 蜂の巣. Ive only seen tripe at one grocery store located in Azabu Junan. Another delicacy old time Hawaiians love to eat is ake, raw liver. I personally don’t like ake but I love tripe stew. I used to love making tripe stew back at home. One of my favorite thing to do was to cook my tripe with a smoked ham hock I’d buy from Honolulu Chinatown.

Right now I’m enjoying my naau with some hot rice. This naau is very clean tasting. There’s no animal taste which is common when eating naau. The saltiness is spot on. I normally eat this at my favorite pizza restaurant (Tonino, Tsujido) near my home and theirs is 5-10x more saltier than mine. Please try to make naau/motsu nikomi. It’s really ono and really easy too.

Oh last thing, the mixed motsu had some shoyu on it. I washed that off before boiling it with salt water.

Live to eat.

God bless you all.

Me ke aloha Hikari

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