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Na Kini Luana

Every Friday I teach a group of women that I've gotten to know from working 10 years at Enoshima Island SPA. Before Covid, I was a weekly instructor for their wellness program. After enoshima stopped their programing, the ladies from the spa wanted to continue to hula so we started a class and called it Na Kini Luana. Kini, in Hawaiian means multitude. and the associated numeric value of kini is 40,000. Luana translates to enjoy onself or to be at leisure. Not only do I want my ladies to feel at leisure learning and doing hula with me, I also want them to remember their connection to the area Enoshima that surrounds them. Enoshima and its many gods provide us much comfort and protection while we do our hula in their shadow.

Me ke aloha a mau loa,


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