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Where I'm from

I never forget where I came from. Maybe its already known that I was born and raised in Kahala but theres another part to my life that isn't well known. I spent a good amount of childhood with my ohana in Waianae. Waianae life is on the opposite spectrum from living in Kahala. The life I was able to experience in Waianae was truly amazing. Eating fish and poi with my cousins, uncles and aunties. Camping many summers along the Waianae coast. Preparing traditional Hawaiian food for our family luau. In our large Hawaiian family, there was no loud shouting, no fighting, and no abuse whatsoever. Within our family, there was only laughing, love and kindness. In addition to Kahala and Waianae, I was also raised on the Big Island of Hawaii. I spent much of my childhood helping to raise farm animals in Piihonua.

My upbringing was pretty peaceful and calm. This is what I want my students of hula to receive from me. I want them to know and feel that if they learn hula from me, they will get a pretty calm sail. They can feel safe and assured they will be cared for.

Basil shrimp pasta. Always, always have fresh basil paste in your refrigerator. You can have ketchup, mayonnaise, and miso but why not, have basil paste too.

Me ke aloha Hikari

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